Wegmans Family Garden


Open daily and year round
Included with Garden Admission

This inside garden provides a place for safe, meaningful play and discovery as children of all ages and abilities explore the wonders of the plant world and the importance of eating healthy. Visitors are able to plant, dig, build, observe, dream, explore, touch, smell and listen as they engage in both free play and structured learning. See the schedule below for our upcoming offerings.

Wegmans Family Days

Included with Garden Admission

Have fun with your food! Expanded nutrition and food-themed kid’s hands-on programming will take place on the third Saturday in the Family Garden and at stations throughout the Gardens between 10am-2pm. Look for special plants in the Gardens that tie in with the monthly theme. See the schedule below for our upcoming themed offerings. While activities are best aligned for children ages 4-10, caregivers of our youngest learners are encouraged to assist with creations!  Included with paid Gardens admission/Membership! Providing a safe learning environment for children is important. All activities are peanut-allergy friendly.

World Health Month - April 18

Celebrate World Health Month at the Gardens! Learn about the importance of good nutrition while making your own smoothies. Explore the many different medicinal uses of tea throughout the world at our special tea tasting. Then, create cool grape sculptures and use vegetable stamps to make some beautiful paintings.

Spring Celebration - May 16

Help us welcome spring at the Gardens! Learn about the plants we eat and how they grow at our special spring planting activity. Discover the important role pollinators play in maintaining our food supply while making an egg carton caterpillar and enjoying a healthy bee banana snack. Then, learn how honey is made while making a beautiful beehive painting.

Edible Gardens - June 20

Come learn about the different types of plants that we eat and why they are so good for us! Plant your very own pizza garden and make some fabulous fruit trees out of paper bags. Then, learn about why pollinators are so important to the plants we eat while making egg carton bees and hummingbird feeders.

All about Apples-September 19

Come join us for an apple harvest celebration! Learn how apples grow while making your very own apple tree and apple pencil toppers. Then, make some beautiful apple prints and learn about different apple varieties at our apple and cider tasting!

Sunday Programming
April 26, May 31, September 27
11am-1pm, Included with Garden Admission - Kids 4-12 will enjoy these hands-on activities free with Garden admission. Activities held in the Wegmans Family Garden

 Providing a safe learning environment for children is important. All activities are peanut-allergy friendly