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120th Anniversary Brick Sale!

Erin Grajek

Commemorate the Botanical Gardens' 120th Anniversary by purchasing a brick to be placed in the new "Anniversary Alley" located in the outdoor Peace Garden. 

The Peace Garden is open March through October and is free to the public. Designated as an Honorary International Peace Garden, this beautiful garden offers an outdoor sanctuary to find peace and harmony. Honor someone special in your life by dedicating pavers, benches, planting a tree or creating a new tribute in our Peace Garden. This garden is also the perfect place for special occasion photos and includes a gazebo for wedding vows. 

Bricks are $120 (discounted from $150) and can be inscribed in celebration of an anniversary, to honor someone or in memory of a loved one. 

Bricks are 4" X 8" and can include up to 3 lines with 10 characters (including spaces) on each line.


Gifts to the Botanical Gardens are essential to the not-for-profit organization's mission to connect people to the natural world through its unique plant collection, educational opportunities and historic building.

Become part of our legacy and order your brick today!

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