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Gardening Tips & Tricks

Erin Grajek

Be Creative - A Lancaster gardener recreated a Japanese garden and tea house in his backyard. It’s elaborate, but it wasn’t expensive.  He used recycled materials. Get inspired on the garden walks and Open Gardens to be held from June through August as part of Gardens Buffalo Niagara, formerly known as the National Garden Festival.

Garden Art - Have a bare spot in your garden? Insert a piece of garden art. It could be a sculpture or decoration created for outdoor display, or some quirky item that provides interest. Writers outside Western New York call this look Buffalo-style garden art. A great place to shop for some amazing pieces will be at the Garden Art Sale June 25-26 at the Botanical Gardens.

Container Drama - Plant annuals in large containers rather than small containers. Large containers look more dramatic than small containers. More important, you’ll save yourself some work. Small containers dry out more quickly than large containers and you’ll have to water them more often.

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