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Shayne Dark Residency Starts Next Week

Erin Grajek

Shayne Dark is coming to the Botanical Gardens and staying for a whole week creating a new masterpiece! In conjunction with Dark’s art exhibition at the Gardens, the Albright-Knox Public Art Initiative will host a one-week residency for the artist at the Gardens.

Dark will be using a fallen tree shared by Erie County, to create his masterpiece. Everyone will be able to watch him work through live demonstrations throughout the entire week. Each day holds something new and exciting as Dark will turn the trees into a work of art using all kinds of exciting methods. By using the fallen tree to make his new piece, Dark will show how something can be re-purposed and have a new beginning with art.

Come out and enjoy the work in progress live starting September 14! Details about what each day will offer are listed below.


Welcome & Set-Up - September 14

10am-5pm - Dark will source local organic material to create a site-specific installation. In keeping with his practice, Dark will focus on materials in the region that have fallen due to natural circumstances or as a result of the end of their life-cycle. These materials will find new life in the hands of the artist.

Creative Process - September 15

10am-5pm - Dark will offer direct insight into his creative practice and allow visitors to see the evolution of his work from raw materials to a finished installation by the end of the week.

Creative Process & Member Day - September 16

12-8pm - Dark will continue working in public view on his new piece. Botanical Gardens and Albright Knox Members are admitted free to the Botanical Gardens from 10am-8pm.

Creative Process, Tours & Presentations - September 17

12-5pm - Dark will continue working in public view on his new piece. Albright Knox Members are admitted free.

5-7pm - Botanical Gardens will be closed to the public.

7-8:30pm - Artwork Tours & Artist Presentation - Botanical Gardens will be open and free to the public. Tours and presentation are free and open to the public.

Creative Process - September 18

10am-1pm - Dark will continue working in public view on his new piece.

Creative Process - September 19

10am-12pm - Dark will continue working in public view on his new piece.


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