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Gala at the Gardens

Erin Grajek

We celebrated at our annual Gala at the Gardens this past Friday night.  What a wonderful event full of fundraising for the Gardens and fabulous people!

A special thank you to:
Honorary Chairs, Paul and Amy Vukelic
Co-Chairs, Rose Ann Dulski and Janice Worobec
Gala Committee: Joy Africano, Diane Chrisman, Peter Heffley, Arleen Hollas, Stephanie Karnas, Mary Ann Kresse, Cheryl Lyles, Jackye Mandell, Heidi Nuchereno, Cathy Paladino, Sharon Osgood, Claire Schen, Dianne Sippel, Barbara Tomasi, and Peggy Wierzbicki
All of our donors and sponsors

Also, congratulations to Jeannette Williams, this year's recipient of the Florence Daluiso-Zoll Achievement of Excellence Award.

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