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Construction Update

Erin Grajek

by Kerianne Atkinson, Marketing Intern

From our president, David Swarts, “Construction completion is on time for June 2016”.

We a pleased to announce that the construction of greenhouses two and three are on schedule. We are also confident that all will enjoy the beautifully restored greenhouses upon completion. As the project continues, what one can look forward to are the numerous new additions beneficial to greenhouses.

First, the entire metal infrastructure of the greenhouses will be reinforced from top to bottom. You can also expect window panes to be replaced with safety glass, which will be more conducive to harsh winter weather. With thousands of window panes in each house, each are individually sized and placed by number.

The construction will also provide new heating and electric for both the greenhouses, even a state of the art misting system for plants to enjoy. Construction activity will be limited over the winter months, but will be completed on time. We know our friends of the gardens have great anticipation for our construction completion, stay tuned as we reveal exciting exhibits to follow in our newly restored greenhouses.

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