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New 5th & 6th Grade Field Trips Offered!

Erin Grajek

Exploration Earth is a new environmental science field trip for 5th and 6th grade students at The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. We kicked off the program in the spring of 2012 and have received excellent reviews thus far. Exploration Earth has been designed to combine environmental stewardship with New York State Science Curriculum, making the program both entertaining and educational.

Lesson topics include; What is in the Water, Ecosystem Energy Flow, Intense Energy, and Natural Resources. Each lesson includes a hands-on component to reinforce the topic at hand.

An example one of our hands on activities, pertaining to the What is in the Water lesson, involves a water cycle game where students pretend to be a water molecule traveling from the cloud to the river, to the ocean, etc. Students collect beads from each location in which they traveled and review the path of water in the water cycle. The hands-on nature of the program works to build a better understanding of the topics, and provides for physical and visual reinforcement.

It is pivotal that our youth become educated not only on what problems exist with the environment but, why those problems are there, and what they can do to reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect the earth in which all live on. Education concerning pressing environmental issues is one step in that direction.

If you are interested in bringing a school group in for the program or know anyone who would like to, please contact the Education Department as well as pass the information along. Thank You!

Please Contact:
Alyssa Neely, Educational Coordinator
716-827-1584 x 292

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