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Art Classes at the Botanical Gardens

Jolene Baj

Whether you are an experienced watercolor painter or brand new to watercolor, these classes have something for you!
Judith Kosinski teaches the Watercolor I: Foundations and Watercolor II: Beginner Technique courses. Throughout these two levels, I learned how to put my tube paint in the pallet and how to wet it, how to tape down watercolor paper and exciting washes. The hardest part of these levels is figuring out the perfect amount of water versus pigment to use. I was impressed to actually finish a few simple paintings, using all of the new things we learned. The more we talked about and used a technique, the better it came out and the more it seemed to stick.
Watercolor III: Intermediate Expression and Watercolor IV: Masters are taught by Deanna Weinholtz. Deanna prefers to use washes to complete her paintings. They start out very light and gently darken to produce an image with depth. A hairdryer is definitely a must for these classes to dry your painting in between layers of watercolor. Deanna has a theme for each series from landscapes to mountains and sunsets! You can either follow the same photos that Deanna uses or bring your own photo that follows the theme.
A few times, I wasn’t happy with a section in my paintings. Both teachers are great at helping you correct mistakes. Ever not like your painting because it didn’t look like the instructors? Judy and Deanna are great at helping you recognize your own style because paintings aren’t meant to be an exact copy, but rather your interpretation of it.
Give it a try! Whether you’re learning something new or adding to your knowledge, you’ll feel good knowing that you are helping benefit the Buffalo Botanical Gardens!

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