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Art Workshops OH MY!

Kristy Schmitt

We have some amazing instructors this summer and fall for our online classes and workshops. They are full of creative ideas and are wonderful people to learn from. I was excited to moderate two of the new Zoom art workshops I was looking forward to the most: Watercolor Whimsy and Botanical Line Drawing taught by Judith Kosinski.

I have some experience with watercolors and art. I always would play with my mom’s art supplies, and took a few classes related to watercolor painting in college but hadn’t really touched my painting supplies until the pandemic happened. My daughter is very creative and likes to draw, color and craft. While cleaning my desk area to create a home office for working from home during lockdown, I reorganized a bunch of my supplies and decided to paint some postcards for friends. My daughter got in on the fun and started painting too! We’re actually both going to be a part of the staff art exhibit that will be going up in the Arcangel Gallery September 14.

For the first Watercolor Whimsy session, I just watched but for the second time we offered the class, I had my paints, paper and brushes ready to go! I loved watching Judy teach, and the amazingly fun images she and her students created in the last class. She was very approachable and taught in an easy-to-follow way. Judy is a kind teacher, and it was very soothing to listen to her teach, and describe how to style the “essence of a flower” to add a bit of fun to paintings. This class really helped me loosen up! My approach to watercolors has always been for botanical accuracy. I would often nature journal and would use my drawings almost like field guides as I learned and explored the natural world around me in college. Creating circles, then adding flower-like lines was so out of my comfort zone but oh so much fun!! We’re hoping for additional Watercolor Whimsy 2.0 classes soon- stay tuned!

Judy also teaches a class on Botanical Line Drawing. Just as with her Watercolor Whimsy class, her instructional approach was so easy to follow and I was pleasantly surprised with some of my art! I usually am one to go right to painting, but this class inspired me that black-and-white can be just as fun and loose.

The next art workshop class I am looking forward to is Color Theory, taught by Deanna Weinholtz. She stresses the importance of color theory in her two class series she teaches also online: Watercolor 3 and Watercolor 4. Following a color wheel is very important, to avoid a muddy look. As a dabbler in art, this would be a helpful class to take so I can better understand how color works! I am also looking forward to seeing her Autumn Imprints workshop, and Wild Webbing Watercolor. For Autumn Imprints, I can’t wait to try to paint a leaf! In Wild Webbing Watercolor, you get to play with different techniques that allow for really unique looking paintings. It looks like it will be really fun to do. She also has seasonal offerings closer to the holidays for poinsettias and trees!

Get inspired and find an online class to do one evening, or register with some friends- you can even have some wine as you participate, just be careful not to mix up your rinsing paint water with your drink ha!

Check out our Art Workshops on this page and stay tuned for more! 

Color Theory Art Workshop September 17
General Public- $25

Autumn Imprints Art Workshop - October 8
General Public $25
Members $22.50

Wild Webbing Watercolor Art Workshop  - October 29
General Public $25
Members $22.50

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