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Celebration of Life

Andy Grinsfelder

Celebrate the life of a loved one surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of the Botanical Gardens. The warmth and serenity of the venue provides a wonderful atmosphere to help friends and family celebrate and heal from the passing of those near and dear.

The Botanical Gardens has multiple areas that allow you, your family and friends to perfectly celebrate the beautiful life your loved one has led. “Our memorial service at the Botanical Gardens was an amazing afternoon, helped by the atmosphere. I had no idea that space could be transformed so beautifully,” says Mike Buckley, board member of the Botanical Gardens. No matter what room you choose to hold your celebration, the variety of plants provide a beautiful backdrop that allows for guests to peacefully reflect on one’s life.

The layout of our rooms can accommodate multiple types of celebrations, whether it be ceremony, cocktail or dinner style. Family and friends can choose between three different locations, which includes an outdoor option. The Botanical Gardens is known for creating unique experiences, and we believe every life is unique. Let us help coordinate the celebration of remembering your loved one’s exceptional life.

To book a memorial service at the Botanical Gardens, contact us at 716.827.1584 ext. 219, ext. 220 or events@buffalogardens.com.





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