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Horticulture Classes are For EVERYONE!

Friend of Flowers

We all need to feel a little more connected with plants these days and I LOVE the horticulture classes at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens!  

They offer Horticulture I - VII at different times of the year.  While level VII (SEVEN!) sounds like a stretch goal for me, I will stick with I and II for now.  

I recently moved into a new home with tons of amazing blooms.  My previous home had a large yard but from what I have heard, my yard was a "horticulture desert".  How is that possible in Western New York?  Well, I guess it means that we had a lot of grass, very few trees and sad gardens.  All in all... we had very little diversity of plant life and not much to offer wildlife, birds, bees, insects etc...

Fast forward to our new home.  There is a wonderful variety of plants, trees, flowers and plenty of nectar and food to go around for our furry and winged friends. I now understand and can see, first hand, what the difference is.  We watch dozens of different birds enjoy the landscape and endless insects feeding on the nectar of our beautiful flowers.  

I want more!  I can't help but feel this organic pull to find out more and how to be a better gardener.  Because I have little experience... and just think I know what I'm doing, the Horticulture classes at the Botanical Gardens helped me gain confidence and a broader understanding of the basics. I can actually put into practice what I learn and expand from there.

David Clark is a wonderful instructor!  He is energetic, entertaining and most of all, extremely knowledgeable about everything gardening!  During class, he will teach you, challenge you, ask you questions and show you with his own hands, how to do things.  I was hesitant to attend a ZOOM class for gardening but I was blown away by what an enjoyable experience I had.  

If you are just starting out, have been gardening for a while or consider yourself somewhat of an expert... open yourself to the idea of being a lifelong learner and sign up.  David will make you laugh and teach you all kinds of new skills and ideas you can use to create or enhance an amazing garden of your own.  

For the first time, I am going to order seeds to grow my own annuals next!  Look at me - I feel so much more connected to the plants around me... and I have the Botanical Gardens and David Clark to thank for that!

Here are the details for Horticulture Classes:

Horticulture I

101 – August 29 - Botany 101
102 – September 5 - Plant Propagation
103 – September 12 - Pest Management and Disease
104 – September 19 - Shrubs and Trees
105 – September 26- Annuals and Perennials
106 - October 3 - Garden Design

Horticulture II

201 –October 10- Soil Science for Gardeners
202 –October 24- Advanced Plant Propagation Techniques
203 –November 7- Getting Started with Hydroponics
204 – November 14-Water Gardening and Aquascaping
205 – November 21-Practical Principles of Pruning
206 – December 5 - Introduction to Landscape Design

Classes are 11am-1pm on Saturdays via ZOOM Meeting
General Public - $25 per class or $150 per series
Members - $22.50 per class or $135 per series


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