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Hypertufas - What A Mess!

Friend of Flowers

From Wikipedia - Hypertufa is an anthropic rock made from various aggregates bonded together using Portland cement. Hypertufa is intended as a manufactured substitute for natural tufa, which is a slowly precipitated limestone rock; being very porous, it is favorable for plant growth.

Okay - how is it possible to make one of these at home!? With the help of the Botanical Gardens' wonderful and patient instructors, I have found a new art form that enhances my gardens and patio. Check out their Hypertufa, Take-It, Make-It Workshop.

love mine! Big, small, odd shaped... it doesn't matter because they are beautiful, rustic and a natural looking addition to any garden, deck, porch, window sill - pretty much anywhere you choose. I have made several of these and they all come out great, with the help of the Botanical Gardens staff of course!

Basically, you mix peat moss, Portland cement and perlite to the right consistency and then press it into a mold, when I say mold, I mean, any container you may have on hand - a bowl, bucket, basket, dish - really anything.  

All the supplies are included and pre-portioned.  You just swing by for a curbside pickup before the class and you can create you Hypertufa along on Zoom.  This is definitely a dirty one and you will need to do a little work with the mixing, but the final product is worth it.

This class is always packed and usually sells out quick so if you want to get dirty, as most gardeners do, sign up quick! 

Pro tip on this workshop - bring some sea glass, gems or seashells to embed along the top edge of your hypertufa. My hypertufas are filled with succulents, including my favorite hens and chicks! Fall is the best time to make these and let them cure over the winter. Come spring, they are ready to plant!

Make something, learn something and have fun with workshops at the Botanical Gardens!

Here is all the info:
Hypertufa Workshop
October 3
9am or 2pm
General Public $35
Members $31.50

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