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New Online Art Classes Announced at the Botanical Gardens!

Erin Grajek

Buffalo, NY - The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens announced they will offer a variety of new online art classes: Introduction to Expressive Acrylic Florals, Watercolor II-Beginner Techniques, Watercolor III-Intermediate Expression and Watercolor IV-Masters.  These series of classes will be held online, via ZOOM, and will be taught by the Botanical Gardens' newest art instructors Judith Kosinski and Deanna Weinholtz.  

These series of classes work with different mediums and have been designed to accommodate a wide variety of skill levels.  Introduction to Expressive Acrylic Florals is designed for beginners with minimal experience working with acrylic. Watercolor II is for beginners looking to learn more watercolor painting techniques, Watercolor III is an intermediate level class for those with more experience, and Watercolor IV is an advanced masters class for those looking to fine tune their skills.  

Introduction to Expressive Acrylic Florals will be offered in a three-week series on Tuesdays from November 24, through December 8 from 9:00am through 11:00am.  Participants will learn to create a loose and expressive floral portrait using acrylic paint. Starting with an abstract background, students will develop layers of color that will lead to a wonderful intuitive painting.  Some experience painting florals and working with acrylic paints is recommended for this class. Introduction to Expressive Acrylic Florals will be taught by Judith Kosinski. 

Watercolor II- Beginner Techniques will be offered weekly on Tuesdays from October 27 through November 17 from 9:00am through 11:00am.  Participants will learn the basic techniques of how to paint with watercolors. As students advance through this creative and exciting series, they will watch their painting skills grow by strengthening their skills in composition and color theory.  This class is suitable for beginners with little to no experience with watercolor painting and will be taught by Judith Kosinski. 

Watercolor III- Intermediate Expression will be offered in two, four-week sessions on Tuesdays, October 13 through November 3 and November 17 through December 15 from 6:30pm through 8:30pm. Participants will expand on their skills and learn luminescent, glazing and texture techniques. Students will work on their own watercolor painting from start to finish with help from an expert every step of the way. This series will take students on a creative journey to recreate and enhance an image of their choice with the option of Northern Light Reflections or Snow Filled Blooms. Watercolor III is suitable for anyone with some previous watercolor painting experience who would like to move beyond the basics, as well as students who have completed Watercolor II.  Watercolor III will be taught by Deanna Weinholtz.  

Watercolor IV- Masters  will be offered in two, four-week sessions on Wednesdays, October 14 through November 4 and November 18 through December 16 from 9:00am through 11:00am. Participants will focus on landscapes or seascapes created in watercolor from their own photos that inspire them or one the instructor supplies. Students will utilize advanced watercolor techniques such as wet in wet, wet in dry, and glazing to create textures and depth within a refined composition with the option of Waves of Paradise or a Snowy Walk in the Forest. Watercolor IV is suitable for anyone with some previous watercolor painting experience who would like to move beyond the basics and will be taught by Deanna Weinholtz.  

The cost of each series is $78.00 for the general public and $72.50 for members of the Botanical Gardens. All of the Botanical Gardens art classes are appropriate for anyone ages 16 or older, and in order to maintain the safest environment possible, each series will be offered via ZOOM.  Supply lists are available for each series on the Botanical Gardens’ website. Classes fill quickly as spots are limited.  Sign up online at and if you have questions, please email education@buffalogardens.com.  

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