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New Online Art Workshops Announced at the Botanical Gardens!

Erin Grajek

Buffalo, NY - The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens announced they will offer a variety of new online art workshops: Intuitive Painting, Elements and Principles of Design, Watercolor Whimsy I, Spring Watercolor Wreath, Impressionistic Watercolors, Botanical Line Drawing, Watercolor Whimsy II and Sunny Sunflowers. These one-night workshops will be held online from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, via ZOOM and have been designed to bring out participants’ natural creative abilities in a way that is suitable and fun for a variety of skill levels.

Intuitive Painting Workshop will be held on February 25.  This new and creative workshop will allow “artistic intuition” to guide each participant in creating beautiful artwork from the inside out. Intuitive painting is a process of painting without judgment or critique, using personal choices, visions, and artistic preferences to develop a work of art. Participants will work with their natural inclinations towards color, mark-making and composition. Experiment with different mark-making and paint application techniques, and paint freely in response to guided prompts. This workshop is guaranteed to bring participants creative joy.

Elements and Principles of Design on March 11 will explore the foundations used to create a work of art.  The “Elements” are the building blocks that actually make up a painting. The “Principles” are the ways we use the Elements of Design to create a successful work of art. A background in these design foundations will help participants create their best works of art. The instructor has a strong background in design and will pull the concepts together in this introductory class.

Watercolor Whimsy I is back by popular demand on March 18.  This class will take natural doodling abilities and pair them with the beauty of nature to create some wonderful stylized paintings. Participants will learn or remember some basic watercolor techniques and be inspired to add their own "doodles" to enhance their work.

Spring Watercolor Wreath on March 25 will have participants create a spring infused floral wreath in watercolor in this workshop. Creativity and a love of spring colors are all the prerequisites needed.

Impressionistic Watercolors on April 8 is a great workshop to loosen up watercolor painting skills while having fun creating florals, landscapes or whatever is inspiring. Learn to create loose watercolor paintings with brushes, palette knives and splattering paints. Participants are encouraged to bring ideas with them to the workshop to be amazed at what they can create by letting watercolors flow and blend together.

Botanical Line Drawing will be held on April 14. Using pen and ink, markers and different drawing tools, participants will learn to create beautiful flowing drawings based on the natural lines of flowers and plants. Participants will also discover how a simple line can capture the shapes, forms and "personality" of nature.

Watercolor Whimsy II is also back by popular demand on May 13. This fun and whimsical workshop will continue to develop participants’ skills in ways to work with watercolor and black lines to create amazingly fun and simple designs. Some experience with watercolor is required.

Sunny Sunflowers on May 27 will have participants creating sunflowers in a fun, new way by painting with watercolor pencils and paints. Participants will add webbing material and splattering to complete their painting.

All workshops will be held from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on the dates listed.  Tickets are $25 for the general public and $22.50 for Botanical Gardens’ members. In order to maintain the safest environment possible, each workshop will be offered online via ZOOM.  All adult classes and workshops are recorded and are available for one week after the class. Therefore, if a class is missed, participants will have one week to catch up on the class at their convenience.

All art workshops are suitable for anyone ages 16 or older and no previous art experience is necessary unless it is noted in the class description. Supply lists are available for each workshop on the Botanical Gardens’ website. Classes will fill quickly as spots are limited.  Sign up online at buffalogardens.com today so you don’t miss out.

Use #BuffaloGardens and @BuffaloGardens when tagging on social media. Proceeds benefit the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens Society Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with a mission to inspire curiosity and connect people to the natural world through its historic living museum.

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