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Terrariums With All My Friends!

Friend of Flowers

Terrariums are a great way to add some green to your house as we get ready for the shorter days.

Take your classic mason jar and learn what to add to create a perfect little ecosystem, plant included! I took this class last year at the Botanical Gardens and the staff was wonderful at explaining each part that went into the terrarium and how it helps the terrarium take care of itself.

This year will look a bit different as they roll out their new Take-It, Make-It Workshops.  Its brilliant really... they used to call workshops like this Make-It, Take-It... Now you sign up, stop by on a day or two before to pick up all the prepackaged supplies and sign on to ZOOM to watch, learn and create your own garden in a jar!  These are great workshops... they have so many to offer.  Its a great way to celebrate a friend's birthday, just get together with family and do something together. So grab your favorite bottle of wine and a few friends or family members and socially distance via Zoom with this fun and hands-on workshop.

Take a pro tip from me, have a small square of colored fabric to top off the lid (see pic) and maybe even a cute tiny figurine to go inside.  Make it your own!

Here are the details:
Terrarium Workshop
October 1
General Public $35
Members $31.50

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