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Gardens Exclusives

Adventures with Airplants

Adventures with Airplants

Adventures with Airplants
A Gardens Exclusive
Thursday, July 21

General Public - $30
Members - $27

Welcome to the world of air plants! Find out how tillandsia thrive without soil and how you can start your own air plant collection. We will learn about care, fertilizing, display techniques and more! This NEW Gardens Exclusive includes a presentation by Jolene Baj, an air plant, and a guest pass to visit the Botanical Gardens (and our air plants) again at a later date!

Class will be held onsite at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens in the Administration Building.

Masks -Updated February 28, 2022Masks are not required but are strongly recommended for all visitors, staff, and volunteers.


Registration closes on July 18


Meet your instructor Jolene Baj


Jolene has been an educator, instructor and technology specialist at the Botanical Gardens for over eight years. Jolene coordinates and teaches hands-on programs for students of all ages and abilities, facilitates adult workshops, outreach programs and so much more! As part of her role at the Botanical Gardens, Jolene teaches fun, interactive and hands-on mini garden workshops for kids. Not only is she a wonderful instructor for kids programs, but she also designs, creates and teaches programming for a diverse audience in a multitude of settings. She has been the instructor for adult workshops at the Botanical Gardens including the Fresh Conifer Wreath, Hypertufa and more for many years. Jolene is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to more students via ZOOM workshops this fall and winter. As an instructor she is enthusiastic, super organized and loves to share her love of math with her students. She has an engaging way of showcasing math in nature in everything she does. Jolene is a graduate of the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Education from Canisius College. She is lovingly known among her coworkers as the resident "MacGyver".  She is resourceful, fun to be with and always finds a solution to anything that may come up.


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