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Learn At Home

Take a look at some of our educational and fun activities to keep your little one's mind and hands active! 










These are great activities that anyone can do at home with every-day materials. We will be updating this list with new, fun-filled, creative projects! Click the links below!

Learn at Home: Garden Yoga for All Ages!

Garden Yoga 

Garden Yoga Video

Learn at Home Activity Pages

Venus Flytrap

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Bee Finger Puppet

Kitchen Matching

Spring Rabbit


Coloring Pages

Succulent Coloring Page

Hibiscus Coloring Page

Flower Coloring Page

Koi Fish Coloring Page

Flytrap Coloring Page

Bromeliad Coloring Page

Cactus Coloring Page

 Botanical Gardens Coloring Page by Predmore Creations

A-Z Connect the Dot Dinosaur by Predmore Creations