We encourage all visitors to take photographs of our beautiful facility and of our 20,000 spectacular residents (our horticulture collection). We want everyone to enjoy the Botanical Gardens through photos and we encourage you to share them with your Facebook friends!

Tripods- During some flower shows and special events/exhibits, tripods are prohibited. During non-specified times, you are welcome to use photography equipment without disturbing other visitors. Tripods are prohibited during our Spring Flower Exhibit and Lumagination!

General Photography Rules
  • The Gardens are open to the public. Your party must be respectful to the public and to the Gardens' flowers and arrangements. Some shows or special events may be on the day you are taking photos; therefore, some rooms may be unavailable.
  • The Gardens' flowers, arrangements, props, etc. are not to be moved, walked on, or disturbed in any way. The Gardens' should remain the way it was upon arrival and any destruction will be at your cost.
  • You must remain on the paths provided throughout the facilities and nowhere else.
  • Do not block pathways from customers.
  • Tripods must stay on the pathways and not disturb other customers or facility.
Formal Photography

A reservation/permit is not needed for any formal photos taken with five or less people.
You must make reservations with the Gardens for formal photos with six or more people. If there are six or more in your party for formal photos, including a photographer, you MUST have a permit. Please contact Christina Stannard, Director of Weddings and Special Events at 716.827.1584 ext. 219 or
Walk-ins for photos are extremely difficult to accommodate. Be sure to call ahead at least a week in advance to receive your permit.
Photo permits will be issued for but are not limited to the following: Engagement photos, family photos, school photos, wedding photos, personal portraits and prom or formal event photos.

 Photography at the Gardens  Rates
For 1-5 people plus a photographer Admission per person
(No reservation/permit required)
For 6-20 people plus a photographer $100 per half hour
For larger group sizes plus a photographer $100 per half hour
Plus admission per person after 20 people


Photography Permit Rules
  • All general photography rules apply.
  • The permit given for your photography session must be noticeable at all times.
  • The only changing areas available for photography sessions are the public restrooms.
  • Tripods are permitted during your session. They must stay on the pathways and not disturb other customers or the facility.
Outdoor Photography

In the spring, summer and fall you are welcome to take photos in our Perennial Peace Garden located on the south end of the conservatory, the rose garden on the east side of the conservatory facing South Park, as well as the front walk, which is in bloom from late spring through early September. All photo time slots are booked exclusively. If you arrive without a reservation, you will be asked to leave to be fair to those who have booked.
Please contact Christina Stannard, Director of Weddings and Special Events to check available dates and times at 716.827.1584 ext.219 or