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Gardens After Dark: Fantastic Fairies

Gardens After Dark: Fantastic Fairies

April 14-18
6:30-9:00pm (until 9:30 on Friday & Saturday)

Adults - $13.50
   Member Adult - $11.50
Senior - $12.00
   Member Senior - $10.00
Student - $12.00
   Member Student - $10.00
Kids 3-12 - $7.00
   Member Kids 3-12 - $7.00

* Guest passes, coupons and Arts Access passes are not valid at Gardens After Dark
* The Botanical Gardens will close at 4:00pm and re-open for Gardens After Dark
* Please email tickets@buffalogardens.com or call 716.827.1584 ext. 211 with questions

Part of Find Your Wings Week! Enter a larger than life Fairy Garden this spring at Gardens After Dark: Fantastic Fairies!  The Botanical Gardens will be open after dark to create a magical and whimsical garden of fairies.  Close your eyes and imagine you are in a tropical fairy garden as lights dance around you and shadows are created with the amazing plant collection to transport you to another world full of fairies. To learn more about Gardens After Dark, read below.

Visit during the day for more Fairy fun at the Fairy Festival!

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for all visitors, including members, due to capacity limitations. Walk-ins may be turned away if capacity is surpassed. To maintain our capacity limit and the safety of both visitors and staff, we encourage visitors to limit their visit to 1-1.5 hours. Please arrive with your E-tickets ready to be scanned and have your ID available. Masks are required at all times when visiting the Botanical Gardens.

A brand-new series of exhibits! An irreplaceable experience that is filled with charm and delight. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through our tropical paradise to discover all of our hidden and not so hidden horticultural treasures. Find peace and harmony and enjoy the simple power of the natural world - become enchanted and enjoy the Botanical Gardens like never before!  Gardens After Dark will be offered at different times throughout the year, this new experience was created to open the Botanical Gardens in the evening for all to enjoy.   

Each Gardens After Dark exhibit will focus on our mission of connecting people to the natural world in a new way and in a new light- literally! The Botanical Gardens will be filled with colorful and soft lighting to enhance and showcase our mesmerizing plant collection and the beautiful historic landmark that surrounds.  Each exhibit in the series will bring a new way to experience the amazing Botanical Gardens and provide feelings of inspiration, peace and calmness during these unprecedented times. 

Many things have changed for everyone in these unprecedented times and due to the effects of COVID-19, we are unable to offer our annual evening lighting event, Lumagination, in 2021.  We know that this popular event will be missed and we hope to bring it back in 2022 in the safest way possible. ​Gardens After Dark is not intended as a replacement for Lumagination but is simply a new way to experience the Botanical Gardens.


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