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MP14. Culver's Root, Veronicastrum viginicum

MP14. Culver's Root, Veronicastrum viginicum

Price - $8.00 Size – 4-inch pot 

Culver's root produces tall, unbranched stems topped by several spikes of densely-clustered, tiny, white flowers. It almost looks like a candelabra! Its tall blooms make a great backdrop to garden beds and borders. This long-lived perennial wildflower may take a few years to become well established in a new location.  

These baby perennials come in small, four-inch pots and were grown from seed this year by our dedicated Horticulture team. Though they may look “mini” now, with a little time and patience, these babies will flourish and fill your garden for many years to come.  Check each plant for its specific growth habit.

Perennial, 4-7'H, 2-4'W, Sun 

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