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P07. Monarda ‘Balmy™ Purple’

P07. Monarda ‘Balmy™ Purple’
P07. Monarda ‘Balmy™ Purple’

Monarda ‘Balmy™ Purple’

Price: $18.00                                                   

Pot Size: 1 Gallon        

Partial Sun, Sun
Pollinators! Early bloomer
Big flowers/early flowering

A newer bee balm with bigger-than-ever flowers! The radiant tubular petals form spiky whorled purple-violet blossoms over tight, well branching foliage. The Balmy series is known for extending the monarda bloom season with earlier flowering. This abundant, bold colored perennial also tops the others with its mildew resistance. A mega pollinator magnet!

Height of 10”-12", width of 8”-10”.





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