Strange Likes Company

Strange Likes Company

We've raised over $1,000 so far! 

The plant acquisition campaign to enhance the Buffalo Botanical Gardens collection.  Help us acquire new plants for the Buffalo Botanical Gardens! Pictured below, the Monkey Face Orchid, Buddha’s Hand Citron, Rainbow Eucalyptus and more!

We are asking for your support to enhance our collection for the enjoyment for all. Any amount you can give will go directly towards acquiring new unique plants at the historic Buffalo Botanical Gardens.

Here are some of the strange new plants we would like to add to our collection:

Monkey Face Orchid
Native to the forests of southeastern Ecuador and Peru, this orchid looks like it has a monkey face and smells like oranges. 
Please donate today.

Nepenthes rajah
Native to Sumatra and the Philippines, this carnivorous plant produces some of the largest pitchers in the world and has been known to digest small animals.

Buddha’s Hand Citron
Originally from Far East Asia, this plant produces unique citrus fruit resembling fingers.

Rainbow Eucalyptus
Native to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, it has multi-colored bark featuring hues of blue, purple, orange and maroon.

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