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Watercolor V- Masters

Watercolor V- Masters
Watercolor V- Masters
Watercolor V- Masters
Watercolor V- Masters
Watercolor V- Masters

Watercolor V – Masters-ONLINE

General Public - $78 per series
Garden Members - $70.20 per series 

Create landscapes or seascapes in watercolor from your own photos that inspire you or one the instructor supplies. We will be utilizing advanced techniques to create textures and depth within a refined composition. This class is suitable for anyone 16 and older with a working knowledge of color theory and design elements as well as intermediate to advanced watercolor painting experience. Two-hour classes taught by Deanna Weinholtz. In order to maintain the safest environment possible, classes will be offered via Zoom Meeting, a free online audio-visual platform.

All adult classes and workshops are recorded and are available for one week after the class. Therefore, if you miss a class, you will have one week to catch up on the class at your convenience. Review our class information and procedures for more information.

Class Information and Procedures 


Mirrored Reflections – February 3, 10, 17, 24



This watercolor class will answer those questions of how to add sparkle to water and make it look like a mirror image. We will be using “wet in wet” as well as “wet in dry” techniques, glazing, and textural effects to create reflections, sparkle and excitement.

February 3 - Demonstration of sky and water to set up reflections and sparkle of light in the water. Students will begin their paintings

February 10 - Glazing techniques will be added to sky and water. Trees and vegetation are begun.

February 17 - Begin adding details to trees, vegetation and water.

February 24 - Final details added to paintings, as well as any remaining questions about individual paintings addressed.

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Coastal Surf – March 3, 10, 17, 24



Create waves crashing on rocks in a coastal surf using a fun technique of watercolor pencils and watercolor paints with brushes. Splattering paint and loosing up your painting will result in a stunning masterpiece.

March 3 - Watercolor pencils are introduced with a demo of painting waves and rocks with them and watercolor paints. Students will start creating the splash of waves.

March 10 - Glazes are added with a brush and watercolor pencils.

March 17 - Glazing of watercolor continues as details are added to the rocks.

March 24 - Final glazing added to painting to give painting depth. Splattering of paint will be added to make the waves come to life. Any remaining questions about individual paintings addressed.

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Creekside Walk – April 14, 21, 28, May 5



A beautiful journey along a creek of water, rocks and trees will bring many exciting challenges to a watercolorist. This Masters class will explore how to capture the shimmer of light through water and create your own masterpiece. We will utilize advanced techniques to create shadows, depth and texture within your watercolor painting.

April 14 - Students will be given photo reference before the first class (or they may use their own), and will be asked to draw their subject on watercolor paper before the first class. Day one instructor will give a demo of setting up the path of light and starting the under painting. Students will begin their paintings.

April 21 - Glazing and several different textural techniques are demonstrated and students will begin adding these to strengthen their paintings. Palette knife is demonstrated and explained how it is useful in many aspects of creating texture within a watercolor painting.

April 28 – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is demonstrated and how it can create dramatic effects through the path of light. Students will begin to apply these techniques to their paintings. Glazing to create shadows and depth will continue.

May 5 – Glazing and all the techniques that were learned will continue to strengthen paintings. Any remaining questions about individual paintings will be addressed.

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Meet your, award winning, instructor Deanna Weinholtz!
Deanna Weinholtz is a Watermedia Artist from Western New York who is best known for her luminous landscapes and seascapes in watercolor and acrylics. Her creations have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and galleries and have won national and regional awards. Many of her creations are featured in the homes of her collectors. 

Deanna's inspiration comes from travels throughout the United States, Canada and Italy. The Kawartha Lakes in Canada is one of her favorite subjects and is frequently featured in her paintings. Observing spectacular sunsets over the water and the Northern Lights occasionally dancing across the sky has inspired a number of her paintings. Deanna uses large brushes, rags and her fingers to create spontaneous, intuitive paintings that are a beautiful mix of representational abstract. 

A graduate of State University College at Buffalo with a degree in design, Deanna worked as a graphic designer for several years before leaving to raise a family. Her other artistic endeavors included designing and dressmaking of wedding gowns, until her passion for painting pulled her back to full time professional fine art. She shares her knowledge and love of painting through teaching and demos. Deanna is a Signature Member of Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society where she serves on the Board of Directors and is Co-Chair of the Exhibitions Committee, an Exhibiting Member of Buffalo Society of Artists where she serves on the Board of Directors and is Membership Chair, an Exhibiting Member of Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and an Associate Member of Philadelphia Watercolor Society.

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