Exciting Renovations at the Botanical Gardens

Since 2004, Erie County and the Botanical Gardens Society have made many improvements to the facility to accommodate its renaissance and tremendous growth. This year, Erie County has identified substantial funds to completely restore one of the historically significant greenhouses. Greenhouse 3 has been deteriorating over many years and is in desperate need of repair.

Extensive renovations, beginning April 27, 2015, will restore greenhouse 3 to its original beauty with modern features. This project is estimated to run through late 2016.  When complete, the exhibit will include the popular waterfall, koi pond, our family of koi and new plant displays.

We are excited to improve the conservatory and thank you for your support during this exciting time! We are all part of this important historical event and are helping to ensure this amazing landmark will continue to remain a Buffalo treasure for generations to come.
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Greenhouse 3 Renovation FAQs 2015/2016

Q: What will this project include?
Repair and repoint exterior and interior masonry and brick, steel and wood refurbishment and replacement, glazing work and glass replacement, heating system repair and replacement, temperature and humidity sensor updates, electrical updates, misting/fogging system repair and replacement, emergency system updates, repair Koi pond and waterfall, new lighting installation, paint interior and exterior, complete finishing work

Q: When will the greenhouses reopen?
We estimate the project will run through late 2016

Q: When the greenhouses re-open, will the horticulture exhibits already be installed?
Yes! Some of the collection may look smaller as the plants will need time to grow.

Q: What will the new horticulture exhibits include?
Both greenhouses will follow a tropical plant theme full of wonderful surprises.

Q: Will the waterfall, koi pond and koi fish return to the exhibit?
Yes! The waterfall will be repaired and in full working order and the koi pond will be completely repaired and our family of koi will return to the Gardens from their current foster homes.

Q: Will the dinosaur topiaries remain inside the Botanical Gardens?
We hope so! Depending on their condition when we change the horticulture exhibits, they may move locations. They are very important to us and we will do our best to keep all of them as part of our horticulture family.

Q: Will the pathway change?
The pathway may change slightly.

Q: Will renovations be complete on both greenhouses 2 and 3?
No. However, renovations will take place in greenhouse 3 and include the koi pond which is located in both greenhouses 2 and 3. Erie County is working to secure funding to begin complete restoration on greenhouse 2 soon.

Q: Where did the funding come from for this project?
In 2004, the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens Society, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization and Erie County formed a public/private partnership that would ensure the growth and long-term viability of the Botanical Gardens. Under the terms of that agreement, the Society takes full responsibility for day-to-day management of the conservatory and horticultural functions whereas the county is responsible for capital improvements. Erie County is managing and funding this project.

Q: Who are the companies working on this project?
A: Erie County; the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens Society, Inc.; Foit Albert Associates, Project Consultants and Telco Construction Inc., Prime Contractor. Subcontractors include but are not limited to: Goodwin Electric, Quackenbush Co. Inc., Buffalo Engineering, P.C. and Petrilli Engineering.