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Indoor Gardens

Florida Everglades - House 12

This immersive exhibit showcases the importance of maintaining wetlands, the natural water filtration system of the world. Highlights include native habitats, a self sustaining vivarium, mangrove trees and a honey bee observation hive.

Panama Cloud Forest - House 11

Visitors experience epiphytes the way they would live 200’ above the rainforest floor. Exotic orchids, bromeliads and tillandsia varieties are part of this exhibit.



House 10

This house is available for weddings, cocktail parties, showers, meetings and more. Seasonal exhibits may also be seen here throughout the year.



Tropical Plants - House 9

Home to amazing flowering tropical plants, highlights include soothing water features, a vine-covered gazebo and a relaxing place to play checkers.



Orchids - House 8

Enjoy an exotic variety of common and unusual species of orchids displayed in full bloom..



Arcangel Gallery


The Gallery is home to changing photography and art exhibits presented by professional and amateur artists.



Wegmans Family Garden

Children of all ages will delight in a place to dig, discover and dream as they plant a seed, build a sand castle, water a garden, smell a flower, examine a bug or touch a fuzzy plant. Activities take place every Saturday. Click here for more info.




Begonias - House 6

Begonias have vibrant colors and unusually textured leaves. A special begonia traced back more than 100 years calls this greenhouse home. Rotating seasonal exhibits can also be found here.


Ivy, Bonsai, Carnivorous Plants & Medicinal Garden- House 5

The largest public ivy collection in the world is featured here.  Highlights also include herbs, bonsai, carnivorous plants, the
ever popular sensitive plant, flowering tropical plants and the Medicinal Garden. Made Possible by D’Youville College School
of Pharmacy and Mercy Hospital, part of Catholic Health, the Medicinal Garden is a place to learn how plants relate to our
everyday lives. Check Events & Exhibits for upcoming special presentations.



Cacti & Succulents - House 4
This collection features many varieties found in American deserts, including the giant cacti and agave plants. Highlights include lithops, euphorbs
and sansevierias found in African deserts and a unique collection of succulents from South Africa.



Ancient Rainforest - Houses 2 and 3
The centerpiece in this exhibit is a 30’ waterfall surrounded by bamboo and banana plants. The pond at the base of the waterfall is home to aquatic plants and a family of koi while large dinosaur topiaries are found foraging among ferns and cycads, ancient survivors of evolution.



Palm Dome - House 1

Standing at 67' tall, the Palm Dome is full of magnificent palms and tropical fruit trees. The long-term renovation project, “The Buffalo Meridian”, started here. This plan takes visitors on a tour through the Gardens and around the world along the Buffalo Meridian connecting us to other people, places and plants.

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Outdoor Gardens

Front Entrance Garden

Designated as a Proven Winners Signature Garden, this garden greets visitors as they approach the main entrance highlighting thousands of spring bulbs and tropical plants (depending on the season) and a masterful collection of Proven Winners annuals, perennials, and shrubs.  


Rose Garden


June through October – This garden contains rich and beautiful colors of extra hardy and disease-resistant rose cultivars.

Peace Garden

March through October - Designated as an Honorary International Peace Garden, this beautiful garden offers an outdoor sanctuary to find peace and harmony. This garden is the perfect place for special occasion photos and includes a gazebo for wedding vows. Call 716.827.1584 ext. 219 for reservation information.



Healing Garden

March through October - This garden is a place for spiritual healing, meditation and reflection where visitors can enjoy the simple healing power of the natural world. This garden is made possible by support from Mercy Hospital, part of Catholic Health, and Plant WNY. 



Outdoor Children’s Garden

June through October - Designed to stimulate the senses, this hands-on garden includes fragrant herbs, a colorful butterfly garden, a cascading water feature and more. Soil exploration, planting and digging areas encourage kids to explore.



Native Garden


May through October - We have so many wonderful, colorful and amazing plants native to our area – celebrate by planting some in your own garden.




Winter Garden

All seasons - This garden includes magnificent greenery and blooms during the warm months and provides interesting shapes and winter foliage during the cold months.



 Check out our Visitor Guide & Map