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Indoor collections

Learn about our collections by clicking each greenhouse.

Palm Dome

At 67 feet high with over 3,000 panes of glass, this iconic greenhouse is the…

Koi Pond

Meet our fishy friends and learn about their ecosystem!


Welcome to the jungle! Our Rainforest is home to tropical and subtropical plants from around…


Our own little oasis. See cacti, euphorbia, agave, and more!


Embrace tranquility among our tropical and coniferous bonsai.


All about those leaves!

Carnivorous Plants

Who’s hungry?

Orchids, Tropical, Seasonal

Elegance and beauty around every corner. Find breathtaking flowers of all shapes and sizes.


No alligators here! Stroll across our mossy boardwalk through this unique ecosystem!

Corpse Plants

What’s that smell? Our family of corpse plants has been living at the Botanical Gardens…