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Growing beyond the glass

An unprecedented transformation is upon us.  

What’s Blooming  

Much like a thriving plant that is too large for its pot, we have grown beyond our spaces. As our success and programmatic demand continue to soar, we recognize the need to renovate exhibits in our existing conservatory, enhance our outdoor gardens, and expand our campus to meet the needs of our community. By embracing this transformation, our experiences at the Botanical Gardens will grow beyond the glass. With changes inside and outside the conservatory, the exciting addition of state-of-the-art spaces, and accessible and accommodating visitor amenities, this investment ensures we can provide a place for people to connect with plants and have extraordinary experiences for generations to come.

Meet Our Visionary Partners 

We are proud to work closely on this project with Wendel, Bucholz McEvoy Architects, and Turner Construction. Together, we share an awe-inspiring vision. This team of experts is creative, innovative, environmentally, and financially conscious. We are turning our dreams into reality with a welcoming and artful structure that seamlessly blends our history with our future.


This is not just a renovation; it’s a celebration of growth.

More details coming soon.


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