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Our values

Here’s how and why we do what we do.

We are fascinated by plants.
Plants provide fundamental nutrients that sustain life on our planet. We connect people to the power of plants through educational storytelling and an inspiring, immersive plant environment.

We create wonder.
We are innovative and enthusiastic; we embrace possibility. Through curating rich and colorful educational
experiences, we seek to inspire curiosity about the natural world.

We respect our planet.
We recognize that Earth’s health fundamentally depends on a thriving ecosystem of plants and pollinators. We respect our environment, preserve natural resources, and strive to improve sustainability.

We welcome all.
The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is for everyone. We are committed to being wholeheartedly
inclusive, where all feel welcome. We continue to work to overcome barriers, address systemic injustices,
and challenge ourselves to grow together and to be the most welcoming organization we can be.

We celebrate our legacy.
We are stewards of our historic conservatory and our legacy. We celebrate the stories of those who came
before us and excite generations of visitors into the future.

Incorporating Wow, Wonder, and Welcome

We strive to create Wow, Wonder and Welcome within our team and for the public. We create the Wow factor by being innovative, creative and enthusiastic, by embracing all possibilities and celebrating our successes. We generate Wonder by building experiences that are beautiful, colorful, inspire curiosity and encourage our visitors and each other to be engaged in the natural world. We are always inclusive and Welcoming to all by being kind, empathetic and respectful to all individuals and their unique perspectives.

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Our mission

Deepening the connection between people and plants through beautiful gardens and extraordinary experiences.

Our vision

A happy and healthy world transformed by the power of plants.

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