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Embrace tranquility among our tropical and coniferous bonsai.


Bonsai refers to a horticultural practice, not a specific species of plant.

  1. Bonsai can be made of nearly any plant with a woody stem or trunk. Bonsai are not genetically dwarfed plants.
  2. The concept of Bonsai was initially practiced in ancient China, and was eventually redeveloped through Japanese Zen Buddhism. With origins in China and Japan, Bonsai is now practiced throughout the world.
  3. Pronounced ‘bone-sigh,’ the word is a Japanese term. “Bon” is translated to mean a dish or a bowl, and “sai” means for a plant to be planted.

Bonsai styles

Bonsai trees are carefully pruned and trained to grow in different shapes and styles like the ones below.

Root over rock style

Forest Style

Cascade Style

Formal Upright Style

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