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Our outdoor gardens have been designated as a Level II Arboretum through ArbNet, an interactive, collaborative, international community of arboreta and tree-focused professionals.


Our arboretum is home to over 100 trees on 12 acres of land. Did you know that some of our trees are over 100 years old?

  1. Many of the trees in our arboretum and in the surrounding park were planted while the park was being constructed in the late 1800s.
  2. These trees are referred to as “original Olmsted plantings” since they were part of Frederick Law Olmsted’s original design for South Park.

Weeping European Beech

Fagus sylvatica 'Pendula'

One of our favorite trees! This special beech tree has drooping branches that form a beautiful umbrella over the trunk.

Why do some trees “weep?”

  1. Weeping trees have limp looking branches that slope downward towards the ground. This is caused by a genetic mutation.
  2. Some trees, like weeping willows, naturally grow this way.
  3. Other trees, like our weeping European beech, are cultivars that were created for ornamental purposes.

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