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Koi Pond

Meet our fishy friends and learn about their ecosystem!

Koi Pond

Cyprinus rubrofscus

Our koi fish have been happily living with us since 2017. Occasionally they even breed in our pond!

Did you know the word Koi is the Japanese word for carp?

  1. Koi are a domesticated ornamental variety of Amur carp, Cyprinus rubrofuscus
  2. Due to their ability to easily adapt to a variety of environments, carp were kept for food by Chinese rice farmers, as early as the 5th Century BC.
  3. Once this practice was introduced to Japan, farmers began to notice colorful mutations. Selective breeding of carp for color began in Japan in the 1820s.

Our koi pond functions as an ecosystem. An ecosystem is a community of organisms that interact with each other and their surrounding environment. Everything in our pond plays an important role in supporting the health of this ecosystem. The plants in and around the pond provide food and habitats for the koi while the koi provide nutrients for the plants through their waste. The waterfall helps add oxygen to the water. 

Our family of koi fish and the Feed the Fish program are proudly cared for in partnership with Masterson’s Garden Center.

Feed the Fish!

On select Saturdays and holidays, join our education team as they guide you through the process of feeding our family of koi fish!

Get up close and personal with these friendly fish, learn about their history, and enjoy early access to the Botanical Gardens! Learn more here.

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