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Corpse Plants

What’s that smell? Our family of corpse plants has been living at the Botanical Gardens since 2014.

Corpse Plants

Meet Morticia, Fester, Morty Jr, Pugsley, Wednesday, and Lurch!

  1. These corpse plants get their common name from the awful smell produced by their flowers. The flowers smell terrible!
  2. This stinky smell helps the plant attract its main pollinators: flies and beetles.
  3. Corpse plants have a unique life cycle, alternating between periods of leafing, blooming, and dormancy.
  4. When not blooming, corpse plants grow enormous leaf structures that collect energy. This energy is stored so that the flower can bloom again.
  5. When not blooming or leafing, our corpse plants enter a period of dormancy with no visible growth above the soil. During this period, they are removed from display and stored in our grow house.

Corpse Plants

Amorphophallus titanum

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