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Protecting your membership and your benefits is extremely important to us. Starting January 1, 2014, when visiting the Gardens, we will require an additional photo identification card to match the names on your membership card. As always, membership cards may only be used by the listed member and are non-transferable.
Proven Winners & Our New Signature Garden

May - October 2015

Last summer, we applied to be designated as one of six elite Proven Winners Signature Gardens in the country through Proven Winners®.  These Proven Winners Signature Gardens represent an elite group of properties that showcase exceptional garden presentations

We are extremely proud to announce that our Botanical Gardens was chosen!  Our Proven Winners Signature Garden will create amazing plant and color combinations that will enhance the first impression of our gardens and provide a showcase garden that visitors can translate at home.  Over the next several months, we will be working closely with Proven Winners® and installation will begin soon.  

The Proven Winners Signature Garden will include a transformation of the outdoor front entrance gardens.  In order to build a solid foundation for these gardens, we will also be installing an automated irrigation system.  This will ensure that best plant offerings from the number one plant brand in the world are full, vibrant, happy and healthy.  This partnership will allow us to provide seasonal interest to the outdoor gardens and set a framework to display plants in a way that has never been done before at our Gardens.  

“We are honored to offer our Proven Winners Signature Garden designation to the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens - now one of only six designated properties around the country. We couldn’t be more pleased to be involved in this historical garden treasure and look forward to being included as part of their exceptional gardens.”  said Tom Ewing of Proven Winners®.

With this prestigious Proven Winners® designation, our goal is to present our Botanical Gardens as a regional showcase and our collaboration with Proven Winners® as a long term partnership that will evolve as we grow.  When you visit this summer, enjoy the wonderful new Proven Winners Signature Garden and celebrate our new partnership with Proven Winners®!

Click here for more information on Proven Winners®

Click here for more information on Proven Winners Signature Gardens


Wegmans Family Garden


Open daily and year round
Included with Garden Admission

This inside garden provides a place for safe, meaningful play and discovery as children of all ages and abilities explore the wonders of the plant world and the importance of eating healthy. Visitors are able to plant, dig, build, observe, dream, explore, touch, smell and listen as they engage in both free play and structured learning. See the schedule below for our upcoming offerings. Providing a safe learning environment for children is important.  All activities are peanut-allergy friendly. 

Wegmans Family Days

10am-2pm - Included with Garden Admission

Have fun with your food in the Family Garden and at stations throughout the Gardens between 10am-2pm. See the schedule below for our upcoming themed offerings. While activities are best aligned for children ages 5-12, caregivers of our youngest learners are encouraged to assist with creations!

Hispanic Heritage Day - October 17
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! Create a painted garden pot with designs inspired by pottery styles from various Hispanic cultures, create traditional Mexican Amate bark painting and taste fun flavors of refreshing agua fresca.

Healthy Harvest - November 21
Plant an indoor Three Sisters Garden, mix a bag of cider spices from plants and take home a delicious healthy snack.

Santa’s Workshop - December 12
Admission to Santa’s Workshop and participation in fun holiday themed activities is now included with Gardens Admission! Santa will only be visiting during the hours of Santa’s Workshop - he has quite a few places to visit after spending the day surrounded by poinsettias and his friends at the Gardens! Photo prints with Santa will be available for $5 each. Come join us for this annual family holiday tradition.

Snow - January 16
Celebrate winter in Buffalo while warming up at the Gardens. Enjoy snow cones and snowman bananas while creating a blizzard of creative crafts.


Sunday Programming
September 27, October 25, November 22, January 24
11am-1pm - Kids 5-12 will enjoy these Sunday hands-on activities free with admission to the Gardens.  Activities will be held in the Wegmans Family Garden.

 Providing a safe learning environment for children is important. All activities are peanut-allergy friendly