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Wegmans Family Garden Ribbon Cutting

Erin Grajek

Today we officially opened our Wegmans Family Garden!

David J. Swarts, President/CEO
Miche Needham, Board Chair
Theresa Jackson, Wegmans Consumer Affairs Manager
Mary Ellen Burris, Wegmans Senior Vice President, Consumer Affairs
Dave Corsi, Wegmans Vice President, Produce
Board Members
Volunteers & Staff
Local supporters
And so many more!

The Botanical Gardens’ Outdoor Children’s Garden has become a visitor favorite, however, it is seasonal. Recognizing the need for an indoor hands-on learning garden, the Botanical Gardens and Wegmans collaborated to completely renovate and retrofit an 800 square foot greenhouse to add an exciting, year-round, indoor hands-on learning garden – the Wegmans Family Garden.

The Wegmans Family Garden will provide a place for safe, meaningful play and discovery as children of all ages and abilities explore the wonders of the plant world and the importance of eating healthy. Visitors will be able to plant and dig in the potting area, build and play in the sand box, touch, smell and taste growing herbs and vegetables, listen and dream at story time while engaging in both free play and structured learning.

Regular nutrition and food themed kids’ hands-on programming will take place each Saturday from 10:30-11:00am and 11:00-11:30am and programs are appropriate for ages 4-10. See our online schedule for the exciting lineup of planned activities.

This Garden was made possible by the generous support of Wegmans and the numerous volunteers who donated hundreds of hours of time and energy to create it. Admission to the Wegmans Family Garden is included with paid admission and with membership.



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