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Last fall we shared the exciting changes planned for House 12, which will be transformed into a new Edible Plants Exhibit. with support from our members and donors, we are a step closer to re-imagining this space and have created an amazing transformation in the Palm Dome with the addition of a brand-new pathway giving access to a previously inaccessible part of the conservatory. This pathway is dedicated to the life and legacy of our long-time friend and supporter, Mary Ann Kresse, and provides visitors with a new perspective of our most iconic greenhouse as well as a more intimate engagement with our living collections. The pathway will extend from the Palm Dome through House 12 leading visitors through what will soon be re-imagined as our Edible Plants Exhibit. The new exhibit will feature a macadamia nut tree, avocado tree, chocolate tree, curry tree, peanut butter fruit plant, miracle berry tree, and many more edible plants from around the world.

Another new addition to the Palm Dome is our Living Wall featured alongside Mary Ann Kresse Way. The Living Wall is a lush vertical garden featuring an array of deep green bromeliads sprinkled with pops of color from our leafy friends like the bullis bromeliad nestled among holly and crissie ferns. We are so excited to incorporate this vertical garden into our living collection! With support from the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy brand-new educational and interpretive signage that will be installed throughout the entire conservatory to enhance the overall visitor experience and connect people with our plants like never before.

In 2024, we will continue to transition our living collections and exhibition spaces to enhance your visitor experience. Enhancements will begin in Houses 2 and 3 by expanding our Asian Rainforest to include lush tropical plants from rainforests across the planet giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about complex tropical plants and their adaptations. Currently featured in House 3 is a huge waterfall and a large pond that is home to our family of koi. We plan to refresh the plant collection in and around the koi pond to create more educational opportunities for our visitors to enjoy and connect with the plants and our fish friends. Additionally, there will be lots of new flowering tropical plants from around the world like earth stars, blushing bromeliads, tropical gingers and vines, plumeria, gardenia, bird of paradise, hibiscus, and angel’s trumpet, as well as lotus, canna, and taro plants featured around the waterfall and in the pond.

Orchids belong to one of the largest and most diverse families of plants in the world and are a favorite among our visitors. We plan to feature hundreds of colorful orchids alongside other epiphytes like moss and air plants. Orchids of all colors and varieties will bring an exciting pop of color to our collections including the vanilla orchid, cherub orchids, varieties of the ruffled-edged cattleya orchid, and the phalaenopsis orchid, whose blooms can last for up to six months!


It is with your help that we can achieve our mission of deepening the connection between people and plants through beautiful gardens and extraordinary experiences. You can be a part of this incredible transformation! Please donate today to help us enhance our living collections and exhibitions.


Quick Facts…

  • Contributions to the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens are fully tax-deductible.
  • Donations can be made on-line, in-person or mailed to the address below along with the Gardens Donation Form


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