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Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
2655 South Park Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14218-1526
Phone: 716.827.1584
General information or to leave a message - 716.827.1584 ext. 211
General email for
Wedding and private event information
Morgan Molfino, Event Manager- or 716.827.1584 ext.220
Membership information or 716.827.1584 ext. 295 
Plant questions
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Erie County

Master Gardener Hotline - 716.652.5400 ext. 202 - 
Hot Line Hours
October 1 - March 31 - Monday & Thursday from 9am-12pm
Plant Donations
At this time we are only able accept rare and unusual plants.  If you believe your plant fits that description, please send a photo of the plant, its common and/or Latin name along with any other pertinent information via email to -
Fish/Koi Donations
We are very careful regarding the health of our Koi family and do not accept donations of fish. The Niagara Frontier Koi Pond Club is a great resource to rehome fish.  Please contact them to help find your fish a new home.
Call 716.827.1584 and then the extension
Mark Mortenson, President/CEO
extension 202 -
Erin Grajek, COO
extension 204 -
Amanda Johnston, Director of Education
extension 223 -
Jolene Baj, Education and Technology Specialist
extension 292 -
Brigid Burns, Educator and Program Assistant-
Amy Dierdorf, Educator and Program Assistant-
Joe Mannion, Director of Horticulture
extension 228 -
Michael Fowler, Horticulturist
extension 201 -
Andrea Masterson, Horticulturist
extension 205 -
Jolene Delgado, Gardener
Meredith Unger, Assistant Gardener
Ed Fuchs, Horticulture Assistant
Visitor Services
Carolyn Hajek, Visitor Services Manager
extension 209 -
Janelle Rose, Visitor Services Assistant Manager
extension 212 -
Weddings and Private Events
Morgan Molfino, Event Manager
extension 220 -
Emily Lotocki, Event Coordinator
extension 220 -
Myari Ware, Event Coordinator
extension 220 -

Terry Mickelson, Director of Finance

Julie DeCarolis, Senior Director of Operations
extension 200 -

Development & Membership
Brittany Finnegan-Zandi, Director of Development
extension 203 -
Anna Gillette, Development Coordinator
extension 216 -
Ashley Carney, Membership and Development Associate 
extension 295-
Shaunna Rospierski, Marketing Manager
extension 219 - 

Isaiah Kennedy, Marketing Assistant
Karen Hammer, Operations Assistant & Volunteer Manager
extension 207 - 
Todd Zintz, Director of Facilities
extension 214 -
Mark Harzynski, Facilities Assistant

Board of Directors

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