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Kids Workshops and Events

Join us at the Botanical Gardens for some family-friendly fun to keep your little ones' minds active, engaged and curious about plants and nature! 
Feed the Fish: Get up close and personal with our family of koi fish in this Gardens Exclusive. Enjoy the peace of the Botanical Gardens before we open to the public for this fun, learning experience. Admission is included for the day, so you can explore the conservatory after the feeding! 
Wegmans Days of Play! Join us under the grand glass dome for a day full of adventure, exploration, learning and fun! Wegmans Days of Play at the Botanical Gardens encourage young minds to sprout and grow through play-based and interactive hands-on activities, collection exploration, and learning how plants provide necessary nutrients for our bodies. 

Wegmans Days of Play are included with regular admission and are a great way to make the most out of your visit to the Botanical Gardens. There are learning stations, activity books, a scavenger hunt, vendors, and special surprises for each themed event.