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Online Horticulture Classes Announced at the Botanical Gardens

Erin Grajek

Buffalo, NY - The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens announced they will offer virtual horticulture classes this winter and spring covering a variety of hot horticultural topics including rain gardens, edible plants and composting, garden design and so much more. These approachable, fun and interactive classes will be held weekly on Saturdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm online via Zoom and will be taught by one of the country's most noted garden speakers and Horticulturist, David Clark, CNLP.   

The first series of classes, Horticulture V, will be held February 20 through March 27 on Saturdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm online. Participants can either take the full series or sign up for an individual class that they are interested in. The following topics will be covered in this series: On February 20, Houseplant Care and Cultivation; on February 27, Rain Gardens; on March 6, All About Roses; on March 13, Hostas and Hydrangeas; and on March 27, Vegetables and Organic Gardening. Further details about each class are below.   
Houseplant Care and Cultivation is perfect for any struggling "plant parents." Participants will learn how to keep their plant family happy, healthy and growing! Discover new types of indoor house plants and get answers to those burning questions about caring for houseplants.   
Rain Gardens encourages participants to embrace those rainy days and provide for a thriving garden by capitalizing on some techniques to utilize rainwater in a garden space. Learn how to use a rain barrel or where to get one and discover some tips and tricks for gardens of all sizes and work with nature and its natural cycles.   
All About Roses is a popular class dives into the details of rose care, which are surprisingly approachable for anyone. Learn about many different varieties and discover the best way to feed, fertilize and protect these gorgeous plants. This class is also a great gift alternative to a traditional bouquet of roses.   
Hostas and Hydrangeas are a hot topic for gardeners. This class will focus on some tips for the struggles that gardeners face with these types of plants and even learn some cool tips for how to change blue hydrangeas to pink!  
Vegetables and Organic Gardening is a great class for both experienced and inexperienced vegetable gardeners looking to start or improve their vegetable gardens. This informative class will cover important garden maintenance, care, and pest solutions.   
The second series of classes, Horticulture VI, will be held April 10 through May 29 on Saturdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm online. Participants again can either sign up for the full series or just take the individual classes that they are interested in. The following topics will be covered in this series: On April 10, Great Grasses and Lawn Care; on April 24, Color Theory and Texture in Gardens; on May 15, Edible Plants and Composting; on May 22, Tough Plants for Tough Sites; and on May 29, World Tour of Garden Design. Further details about each class are below.   
Great Grasses and Lawn Care will cover best practices in lawn care including fertilizing, pest management and disease. Participants will learn about different types of lawns, lawn grasses, and ornamental grasses and how they can be utilized in specific spaces and even garden design.   
Color Theory and Texture in Gardens is a good foundational class for garden design and combines both art and horticulture principles. Participants will learn about and discuss the color wheel, contrasting and complementary colors and how to apply them into a garden design.   
Edible Plants and Composting is a popular class filled with lots of information about edible plants, herbs, how to cultivate them and how to pair them with composting. The class will also cover detailed information about compositing including vermicomposting. 
Tough Plants for Tough Sites is a solutions-based class that is popular for those that may struggle with their garden space. Learn how to address some common problems such as drainage, pests, deer and rabbits and soil PH. Find the right plants for the right place!  
World Tour of Garden Design might solve the itch for travel that everyone is currently experiencing by exploring selected gardens of France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Asia from the comfort of home. Get inspired and enjoy this virtual world tour!  
These classes do not require any previous gardening experience or horticulture classes and are great for gardeners of all backgrounds and experience, those with lots of land or small spaces, or even those who just appreciate plants in general. Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate in this virtual series! Individual classes are $25 per class for the general public and $22.50 for Botanical Gardens' members. A full five class series is $125 for the general public or $112.50 for Botanical Gardens' members. All classes are recorded and are available to participants for one week after the class. Therefore, if a class is missed, participants will have a full week to catch up on the class. 
Register online at buffalogardens.com and learn more about the class information and procedures and to learn more about the instructor, David Clark. Engage in this new experience from the comfort of home and join the local gardening community.   
Use #BuffaloGardens and @BuffaloGardens when tagging on social media. Proceeds benefit the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens Society Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with a mission to inspire curiosity and connect people to the natural world through its historic living museum.

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