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P04. Echinacea Double Scoop™ ‘Lemon Cream’

P04. Echinacea Double Scoop™ ‘Lemon Cream’

Echinacea Double Scoop™ ‘Lemon Cream’

Price: $18.00                                                   

Pot Size: 1 Gallon        

Full Sun
Pollinators! Deer resistant
Unique/very sturdy

Double Scoop Lemon Cream brings a unique, lemon yellow pop of color that does not fade! This medium height coneflower has a very sturdy upright habit that doesn’t flop, with gorgeous dark green foliage.  Enjoy the beautiful double blooms from mid to late summer and watch birds eat the seeds provided by spent blooms in late fall and winter.

Height of 22”-24", width of 18”-20”





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