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Trial Rose Garden

We are proud participants in the 2022-2024 American Garden Rose selections trial! We are currently testing 17 different rose cultivars to find a sustainable rose variety that will strive with no fungicides and bloom prolifically with the routine care that it might receive in a restricted budget, public garden or in the home landscape of an every-day gardener.

Trial Rose Garden

How does the trial work?

  1. No fungicides can be used on these roses in order to test the disease-resistance. This means that some of the cultivars we are growing may become unhealthy.
  2. The roses cannot be identified by name and are labeled by a number.
  3. The roses will be judged and evaluated based on disease-resistance, flowering effect/bloom abundance, bloom form and attractiveness, fragrance, rebloom habit, aging quality of blooms, hardiness in cold and heat, vigor, foliage proportion and attractiveness, and plant habit.
  4. Winners will be chosen and announced at the end of the second year of the trial.

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