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Wegmans Family Garden and Family Days

The Wegmans Family Garden is currently closed to the public. Stay tuned for updates!
Wegmans Family Days

10am-4pm - Included with Admission
Have fun at activity stations throughout the Botanical Gardens. See the schedule below for our upcoming themed offerings and events. While activities are best aligned for children ages 4-12, caregivers of our youngest learners are encouraged to assist with creations! Included with paid admission/membership! Providing a safe learning environment for children is important. 

These safely spaced events will be held inside the Botanical Gardens with safety guidelines in place to keep our participants, staff, and all of our loved ones safe. 

Check back for fall and winter 2021 events!

2021 Events:

Kids Day
Visit the Botanical Gardens while kids are off from school!  Visit with some reptiles from Repco Wildlife Encounters, talk with our educators about some cool botanical specimens, go on a fun scavenger hunt inside the Botanical Gardens, talk with our pollinator protector friends and pick up some local honey from Hahn's Honey Bees and more! 

Family Night at Gardens After Dark
Explore our magical gardens at night to enjoy a tropical evening out, in February, with family. Discover all kinds of things that glow in the dark while wandering through the Botanical Gardens on a scavenger hunt. Visit with educators, nocturnal animals, grab a prize and a craft to-go!

Flower Fest 
Visit the Botanical Gardens for a fun day with family and flowers!  Go on a scavenger hunt inside the Botanical Gardens to discover all types of beautiful flowers and for a prize!  Tiptoe through our flower gardens, talk with our educators about different types of flowers.

Fairy Festival-Find Your Wings 
Delight in magical vignettes of peeks into the secret world of fairies and our winged friends. Skip through the Botanical Gardens on a magical scavenger hunt for a prize at the end! Talk with our educators, visit our pollinator friends from Hahn's Honey Bees and so much more!

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