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Gardening for Pollinators

Gardening for Pollinators
Gardening for Pollinators

Gardening for Pollinators with Erin Masterson Holko
Garden Speaker Series
April 18, 6:00pm
$30 per person
$27 per Member
Registration closes on April 17 

By now, everyone knows that pollinators need our help. Not as many of us know how simple it is for anyone to pitch in and help our pollinator friends! Planting a pollinator garden, whether it is a small container on a balcony or a field filled with wildflowers, is something anyone can do. To get the most out of your pollinator garden, it’s important (and way more fun!) to understand how bees and other pollinators interact with our gardens. Join the beekeepers from Masterson's for a glimpse into successful pollinator gardens from the honeybees' perspective. You'll learn about the bees' favorite colors and flower shapes, what they are actually doing when they are visiting, and how they communicate with their friends about great stuff they find in your garden. You'll leave with a deeper appreciation for the work our pollinators do, and new inspiration and knowledge about the role you can play in helping them. 

Meet your speaker, Erin Masterson Holko!

Erin is a Buffalo area native. She grew up in East Aurora, working in the family garden center alongside her dad and brothers. After attending Mount Mercy Academy in South Buffalo, she studied something completely non-garden related at the University of Rochester. After graduating, she moved to San Diego, CA where she did use her degree in Russian language for several years. After realizing that she much preferred being outdoors and playing with plants and animals, Erin found herself back in the nursery industry. Her city home garden grew to include not just fruits and vegetables, but chickens and eventually honeybees. The more she learned about honeybees, the more the love for them grew. This passion turned into a retail beekeeping supply store in San DIego where Erin taught others about urban beekeeping. 
In 2016, Erin moved back to the Buffalo area, along with her husband and two sons. Today she lives in West Falls with her family, a pack of golden retrievers, alpacas, donkeys, goats, chickens, and of course honeybees. She works with her dad and her brother at Masterson's Garden Center in East Aurora, where she oversees green goods operations as well as many other areas of the business. In addition, she owns and operates Beekeeper's Garden Apothecary, growing and creating herbal remedies utilizing plants and products sourced from the beehive.

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