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Mini Group Kit - Fred the Fish

Mini Group Kit - Fred the Fish

NEW! Virtual Group Programs

Mini Group Kits

  • Includes one set of materials for instructors to demonstrate or for participants to do together as a group.

  • Mini Kits also include a link to a virtual lesson presentation and printable PDF instructions.

  • Mini kits also include a link to a virtual tour of the Botanical Gardens.

Fred the Fish

Simulate river pollution while brainstorming how to solve water quality issues. What will happen to the plants and animals in the river?

  • Age range: all ages

  • Mini Group Kit includes:

    o Plastic Container

    o Sponge Fish

    o Pre-measured “pollutants” in individual containers

    o Printed script cards

    o Coffee Filter 

  • Instructor would need to provide water

  • Price - $35

  • A scheduled live virtual instruction can be added on to any program for an additional fee of $75 per one-hour session.

  • Pick-up – Free

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