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Mini Group Kit - Terrarium Experiment

Mini Group Kit - Terrarium Experiment

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Mini Group Kits

  • Includes one set of materials for instructors to demonstrate or for participants to do together as a group.

  • Mini Kits also include a link to a virtual lesson presentation and printable PDF instructions.

  • Mini kits also include a link to a virtual tour of the Botanical Gardens.

Terrarium Experiment

Learn about the effects of pollution first-hand by setting up an easy group experiment! Create terrariums to discover how different pollutants affect water quality and plant health.

  • Age range: Recommended 5th Grade and up

  • Mini Classroom Kit Includes:

    • Supplies for four terrariums

      • Plastic containers and lids

      • Rocks

      • Sand

      • Charcoal

      • Soil

      • Plants

      • Blank Labels

    • Premeasured pollutants:

      • Salt

      • Vinegar

      • Motor oil

    • Instructor would need to provide water, watering can or bucket, and ¼ cup measure

    • Price - $45

    • A scheduled live virtual instruction can be added on to any program for an additional fee of $75 per one-hour session.

    • Pick-up – Free

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