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Welcoming our new brand!

Welcoming our new brand!

Dear friend of the Botanical Gardens,

The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens draws over 100,000 curious visitors through our gardens each year, bringing them closer to the natural world. For over a century, the Botanical Gardens has told a captivating story woven with a passion for plants, a sense of wonder, and the support of our community.

As we step into the future, the Botanical Gardens will expand its exhibits, buildings, gardens, and programming to enhance the overall experience for every visitor. Soon, our lush sanctuary will host more spectacular exhibits, events, and a new visitor experience that invites the community to spend more time here — with our team and with each other — while delving more deeply into our exquisite plant collections.

This is the most significant transformation the Botanical Gardens has undergone since the turn of the century.

In preparation for the exciting next phase in our evolution, we have examined and considered who we are and how we serve and engage with our community. We have reflected on everything we offer and all the collections we care for in our outdoor gardens, arboretum, conservatory, and surrounding park to create a more inclusive sense of place. 

“All of our decisions are grounded in our core values: we are fascinated by plants, we create wonder, we respect our planet, we celebrate our legacy, and we welcome all. With a blossoming future, there is no better time to inject the magic we create into our brand. I am proud to share our new identity with you,” says President and CEO, Mark Mortenson.

Look closely at our colorful new logo. It, and the custom illustrations accompanying it, depict brilliantly bright flora painted with brushstrokes, inspired by artist Henri Matisse, who was active during the late 19th and early 20th century, which is fittingly when the Botanical Gardens and its historic conservatory first took root. It embodies the joy our visitors feel and the vibrant colors they see when visiting our grounds and conservatory.

We also revised our mission and vision statements in alignment with our refreshed brand; together, they make up the very foundation of our organization. These elements serve as our guiding stars on the journey to our exciting future.

Our mission

Deepening the connection between people and plants through beautiful gardens and extraordinary experiences.

Our vision

A happy and healthy world transformed by the power of plants.

As our colorful logo and refreshed brand bloom at the Botanical Gardens and the surrounding community, I hope you feel a sense of excitement and pride. Our striking new identity honors our roots, recognizes our transformation during this period of growth, and celebrates what’s to come. We will share more information about this exciting project this fall.

This is the start of the many exciting moments — the Botanical Gardens’ future is brighter than ever.

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