Junior Botanist Camp
Junior Botanist Camp
Junior Botanist Camp

Junior Botanist Camp

July & August
Garden Members $95 or $19 per day
Non-Members $105 or $21 per day
Pre-registration is required and camp forms are due the Wednesday before each camp week. 
Junior Botanist Camp

Kids ages 5-12 will become Junior Botanists for the week; exploring the Gardens, learning about plants, playing games, making a plant to take home and other fun activities.

BC 1 - July 7-11 - Wild and Wacky Water
This week is all about water! Explore the biomes in our greenhouses, create a desert dish garden, explore nearby South Park Lake in a pond-dipping activity and partake in wacky water games.

BC 2 - July 14-18 - Birds, Bats, Bees and Butterflies: Pollinators
Here’s the buzz: go bird watching, dissect different kinds of flowers, play pollinator games and plant a miniature garden!

BC 3 - July 21-25 - Crunch, Plants We Munch: Edible Garden
Did you ever think of how many different plants you eat in one day? Learn about many of the plants you can eat at the Gardens. Squish oranges and  other fruits into juice, make flour, create a pizza garden and sample weird looking, delicious tasting fruits during this week of camp!

BC 4 - August 4-8 - Plants and our Planet
Become stewards of the planet during this week of camp. Use recycled materials to craft planters, bird feeders and other creations. Play environmental themed games, explore the Arboretum and test the effects of pollution.

BC 5 - August 11-15 - Survival Adventure
Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild? Learn about the uses of different wild and garden plants, create rope from plant fibers, build survival shelters and learn about different ways plants and animals can survive and adapt to different biomes.

Horticulture Camp

An advanced take on our Junior Botanist Camp, kids ages 10-16 can delve a little deeper into gardening. Visit with Horticulture Staff and volunteers, learn how to propagate plants, create hypertufa planters and other fun age-appropriate horticultural activities.

ABC 4 - July 28-Aug 1 - Basic gardening and plant fun!
ABC 2 - August 18-22 - Basic gardening and plant fun!

Call 716.827.1584 ext. 291. for more information.

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