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Flock of All Colors

Flock of All Colors
Flock of All Colors
Flock of All Colors

Flock of All Colors
Stitch Buffalo—Refugee Women’s Workshop
March 11-April 6
Included with Admission

Wherever we come from and wherever we now call home, we all live with the ground below our feet and the sky above us. In Flock of All Colors, Stitch Buffalo explores the commonality of all people in our quest for peaceful coexistence, welcoming communities, and individual expression as we navigate our time between the earth and sky.

The exhibit centers on the theme of birds as a metaphor for freedom, enlightenment, hope, and wisdom. These associations with birds are found in virtually every cultural tradition, making them an ideal form for the expression of universal human desires. Soaring above the trees and nestled amongst the vibrant foliage in the large central Palm Dome of the Botanical Gardens, these colorful birds encourage visitors to consider the space from a fresh and emotionally elevated perspective.

Because birds are also associated with transitions and travel (much like the refugee women artisans who created them), garlands mark the entry and exit points of the exhibition space. These traditional garlands are used in many world cultures to “sweep away” bad spirits as you leave or enter a space. In this context, they welcome visitors and mark the transition to a space where they are invited to open their minds and explore new intersections of earth and sky, culture and place, past and future.

Each large-scale bird is created as a textile-based sculptural piece and embellished with hand embroidery by refugee women artisans living in Western New York. Likewise, the transitional garlands are created by refugee artisans drawing on their own cultural traditions.

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About the Stitch Buffalo: Stitch Buffalo is a textile art center committed to empowering refugee and immigrant women through the sale of their handcrafted goods, inspiring creativity and inclusion through community education, and stewarding the environment through the re-use of textile supplies.

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