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Path Through History Weekend

Path Through History Weekend
Path Through History Weekend


Path Through History Weekend
October 8-10

Join us at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens for I Love New York's Path Through History Weekend! Travel through the beautiful, historic conservatory with a special scavenger hunt that will highlight some of the most iconic historic features of this 122 year-old conservatory as well as some hidden gems that you may not have known. 

Don't live in the area or want to participate from home? Enjoy this three-part series of a WNED original producion, "Oasis Under Glass: Buffalo's Botanical Gardens." Explore the rich history of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens that has proudly served the community of Western New York for over 120 years by connecting people with nature and exotic plants from all over the world. Despite the economic, political, and environmental challenges that it faced, this beautiful glass conservatory continues to share its unique experience with visitors from all over the world year-round and will continue to grow and amaze visitors for generations to come. 

In this series, you will learn about the key players that helped to establish the Botanical Gardens as a park, conservatory, arboretum, and a functioning society of volunteers, docents, horticulturists, and staff. 

Episode 1: Creating the Conservatory

Discover the beginning of the story of the Buffalo Botanical Gardens from its early years of the development of South Park and the Arboretum by Frederick Law Olmsted and the designing of the glass conservatory by Lord and Burnham. Learn about the first ever Director of the Botanical Gardens, John F. Cowell, whose knowledge of botany and horticulture brought thousands of exotic plants from all over the world right here to Buffalo, NY. 

Episode 2: Preserving the National History Site

As the Botanical Gardens faced several economic, politi, and environmental challenges, key leaders from the community such as Florence DaLuiso-Zoll came together to push for the Botanical Gardens to become a National Historic Site, so that it could be saved from demolition and improve its care and collection with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, preservationists, and Erie County.

Episode 3: The Future of WNY's Cultural Gem

As the Botanical Gardens Society took over the day to day operations, new educational programs developed as well as other creative ways to generate revenue and serve the community. The Buffalo Botanical Gardens is a unique nonprofit cultural institution that has brought visitors near and far to experience the healing nature, function, and of course the natural beauty of plants. After 120 years of being a cultural gem of Western New York, The Buffalo Botanical Gardens has exciting plans for the future that will serve generations to come.


A special thank you to WNED for partnering with us to create this incredible digital series. This timeless series will share our passion for this National Historic Site and ensure that the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens continues to grow and thrive for generations to come. 


Thank you for watching this digital series and learning about the rich history of The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. Help our gardens continue to grow by making a donation today. 


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