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Horticulture III

Horticulture III
Garden Members $100/series, $20/class
General Public $125/series, $25/class

Join us for an entertaining garden education with David Clark, Horticulturist & CNLP. David is fast becoming one of the country’s noted garden speakers! These classes are great for beginners or gardeners and landscapers wishing to brush up on their skills. Those who complete each series will be presented with a certificate upon completion. Horticulture I and II are not a prerequisite.

Horticulture III includes five classes and topics in this series are: 

Horticulture III

301 - January 25 - Sustainable Landscaping Practices
302 - February 1 - Gardening with Native Plants
303 - February 22 - Shade Gardening
304 - February 29 - Small Space and Urban Gardening
305 - March 14 - Beneficial Insects and Pollinators 

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